VLC Media Player Features

Easy to Use Interface

VLC Media Player is designed with users in mind first. Large buttons make playing videos a snap, and an extensive menu lets users customize their playback experience any way they like. Video playlists can be created with VLC, saved, and shared, and there is even a useful screenshot feature so users can take snapshots of their favorite scenes. Skins allow VLC to be custom-tailored with different buttons, colors, and options.

All-in-One Media Player

VLC's most noteworthy feature is that it can play any kind of video or audio file without needing to install any other software or codecs. It plays anything out of the box so there is no more tedious need to search for a specific video codec to play an obscure video format. Dozens of file types are supported by VLC, and video plays back beautifully. Efficient coding means that VLC doesn't take up a lot of memory, and videos are rendered crisply and clearly on screen.

Watch Videos Anywhere

A little known but powerful feature in VLC Media Player is video output to external devices. VLC does not just play videos on your computer; you can also use VLC to output video to TVs and other multimedia devices. You can even stream video over the Internet if you set it up properly with multicast streaming. To access the stream, another user would just need to know your IP address.

Subtitle Support

VLC is meant to be used by everyone so subtitle support is included. Subtitle formats like Vobsub, DVB, OGM, and even more obscure subtitle types can be displayed by VLC while users play back videos. Of course, when playing back DVDs, VLC can also display subtitles as desired.

Free and Open

VLC Media Player has always been free and open source. Open source means that anyone can take the source code of VLC, create their own version of the software, and contribute feature enhancements and bugfixes to help other users. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which is one of the freest software licenses out there. More advanced users can not only skin their media player, but also change the menus and options that come standard with VLC by working with the source code.