VLC Media Player Skins

VLC Media Player is one of the top applications on many users’ computers so it makes sense that users would want VLC to match the look of the rest of their desktop environment. Luckily, VLC Media Player has a large collection of skins that can be used to change the shape of buttons and icons as well as the color of the user interface. Over a million skins have been downloaded so far with more skins added every day by other VLC player users.

Some VLC skins try to change the classic GUI so it mimics competitors like Windows Media Player. Others take a different approach and change the appearance of VLC so it looks like a Mac OSX application. There are even skins that make VLC more kid-friendly so younger VLC media player users will find it easier to use.

The only limitation of VLC skins is that Mac users are not able to change the original skin, but Windows and Linux users are free to pick and choose whatever skin they want to use. Switching from one skin to another is simple. Navigate to Tools -> Preferences, and under “Interface”, select the “Use custom skin” radio button. Choose the skin file that you have downloaded and hit “Save” to start playing videos with your new skin.

If you choose to go back to the original, native VLC skin, you can always toggle the radio button to “Use native style.”

Now that you know how to use VLC skins, download your VLC Media Player skins pack.

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