VLC Media Player Reaches 10th Anniversary

VLC Media Player is officially 10 years old this year. Starting in 2001, the code for the media player was open-sourced so developers and volunteers anywhere in the world could develop new features for the VLC community. After a decade of development, VLC is now one of the most popular media players with over 24 million downloads a month.

The best known feature of VLC Media Player is its ability to play almost any video without needing to download additional codecs. With the rapidly proliferating number of video formats and the increasing popularity of watching movies online, this has made VLC a must-have on any desktop.

Of course, without the support of a large userbase and developer community, VLC could not have gotten this far. New updates are released frequently, plugins are created by fellow users, and awesome skins are designed to personalize the playback experience.

Join the celebration at the official VLC anniversary page and download VLC today!

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